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Florist Saint Isidore ON

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Florist Saint Isidore ON

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Casselman Florist and Gifts is a florist in Saint Isidore ON. In the last article, we learned about the history of flower arrangements. We went over the stories behind the names of flowers.

We also found out how communities used flowers in their daily lives. From there, we learned how floristry developed into the high-profit industry that it is now.

Here, we'll talk about how floral design progressed from ancient to modern styles. We'll go over each important period in history. We'll follow changes in floristry from Ancient Egypt to the Middle Ages.

Then, we'll cover art movements in France to the Victorian Period in Europe and America. Finally, we arrive at its latest forms today.


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We set out to create a timeline of the changes in floral designs. Here, you'll find a short yet detailed play by play of how floral design developed through history.

Let's see how designs transformed from fixed to innovative styles!

Egyptian Period (2800 - 28 BC).

Ancient Egyptians used flowers for temple offerings. They also arranged them in centerpieces for banquet tables.

They were also fond of flaunting their wealth. One way to do that was weaving flowers like jasmine and violets into wreaths.

These comprised of a single flower with a couple of leaves on both sides. This basic repeating pattern created an elegant design for their feasts.

Greek Period (600 - 150 BC).

Much like the Egyptians, the Greeks used flowers in religious practices. They crafted blossoms into garlands, wreaths, and laurels.

Cornucopias also became a standard in festive activities. The Greeks often used triangular forms for their creations. They included white blossoms as a symbol of purity.

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Roman Period (28 BC - 325 AD).

Romans kept the Greeks' use of flowers in their customs and practices. As a matter of fact, they created even more elaborate designs of wreaths and ceremonial crowns.

It was also during this time that people started to make note of diverse floral scents. This then became an essential factor in making flower arrangements.

Byzantine Period (320-600 AD).

People in the Byzantine Era borrowed from Greek and Roman styles. But they were the first to mix fruits with flowers in wreaths.

They also placed greens in vases to establish harmony. For appealing color schemes, they accented warm shades with cool hues.

Middle Ages (476-1400 AD).

The presence of flowers in art died down during this era. They only showed up in tapestries. This led to the creation of a line of cloths called millefleur. This translated to "thousand flowers".

Monks across Europe kept floral design alive. They tended to their gardens to grow varieties of flowers and foliage. These would act as the subject of many art forms later on in history.

Renaissance Period (1400-1600).

Oriental styles and the stress on balance inspired many Renaissance artists. They included fruits and foliage in creating harmonious floral designs.

This led to the creation of now prominent Christmas wreaths. Renaissance artists were also fond of flowers en masse in their floral arrangements.

Saint Isidore, Ontario

St. Isidore (formerly known as St. Isidore de Prescott) is a community in The Nation Municipality in Prescott and Russell County in Ontario, Canada with coordinates 45° 23′ 10″ N, 74° 54′ 15″ W ( 45.386111, -74.904167 ).

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