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Florist Limoges ON

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Casselman Florist and Gifts is a florist in Limoges ON. In this article, we will be learning about the origins of flowers and their presence in human history. We'll look into the records of human interaction with these beautiful blooms. These span all the way back from the Paleolithic era to modern times.

The next section of this article talks about flowers as art subjects in ancient history. We also discuss the impact they had as muses for artists of all kinds. Last, we'll look into a list of the most popular flowers and learn the stories behind their names!


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How far back are flowers documented in human history? Have they always been diverse? How diverse? How did humans discover and use them in early history?

These are only a few of the things people wonder about flowers. Here is a list of answers to some of the most pressing queries about flowers as recorded in history!

Have flowers always existed? Since when?

Yes, they have. Archaeologists have dug deep to find out when flowers first emerged. Using the latest technology over time, they found flower fossils. With these, they established that flowers have been around since the prehistoric period. Their earliest estimate is around the Paleolithic age, about 93 million years ago.

Were flowers always as varied as they are now? Or did that develop over time with human intervention?

Today, there are about 270,000 species of flowers! This number continues to grow with time and scientific innovations.

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As for the evolution of their diversity, records only go back to about 150 years. History shows only 125,000 species already existed.

Are there flowers that have been here since early history?

Plants like magnolias and herbs date back to 120 million years old. This time allowed them to develop into their forms today.

Experts maintain that flowering plants have been around for around 146 million years.

How did humans discover them? Did they use them in their day-to-day lives and regimen?

There is no certain record of how humans identified flowers and plants. But there's data on the part of flowers in the day-to-day life of humans in ancient history!

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Limoges, Ontario is a small community located in The United Counties of Prescott and Russell approximately 35 kilometres (22 mi) east of Ottawa. The east and north sides of the community are located in the township of The Nation, while the west side of the community is located in the township of Russell with cooordinates 45° 20′ 0″ N, 75° 15′ 0″ W ( 45.333333, -75.25 )

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